Gutxitasun fisikoa edo/ta organikoa duten Bizkaiko pertsonak Personas con discapacidad física y/u orgánica de Bizkaia

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Sábado, 23 de Enero de 2021

The Bizkaia Coordinating Federation for Persons with Physical and Organic Disabilities (FEKOOR) is a non-profit organisation that was declared of 'public interest' by the Basque Government, bringing together the largest 20 associations for persons with physical and/or organic disabilities in Bizkaia, with 8,000 members.
FEKOOR was created in 1979 and, since then, it has worked to achieve an inclusive society in which all people, in all their diversity, can enjoy freedom of choice, equality, participation and full citizenship.


According to the values of FEKOOR, a social initiative organisation that represents a group of associations and persons with physical and/or organic disabilities in Bizkaia, our mission is to carry out joint and coordinated activities to transform society through:
Political and citizen action.
The empowerment of people and their environments.
The provision of services, programmes and activities for persons with physical and/or organic disabilities and their support networks.


FEKOOR works to achieve an inclusive society in which all people, in all of their diversity, can enjoy freedom of choice, equality, participation and full citizenship. A society in which it is possible to exercise the right to live independently, with complete freedom of choice and under conditions for universal accessibility, design for all and the promotion of equal opportunities. A society with an advanced Welfare State that guarantees free universal coverage for high-quality services, support and programmes, capable of developing effective strategies to prevent the risk of social exclusion.


Dignity and worth of the individual, diversity, equal opportunities, the right to decide, empowerment and participation, social change, mainstreaming, quality and continual improvement and transparency.
We belong to:
ELKARTEAN. Coordinator of Persons with Physical and Organic Disabilities of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.
EDEKA. Basque Coordinator of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities. COCEMFE. Spanish Confederation of Persons with Physical and Organic Disabilities.

Associations that are members of FEKOOR:

  • ACCU (Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Association of Bizkaia).
  • ADELA (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association of Bizkaia).
  • ADELES (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Association of Bizkaia).
  • ADEMBI (Multiple Sclerosis Association of Bizkaia).
  • ADISA (Persons with Disabilities Association of Santurtzi).
  • ALCER (Association for the Fight against Kidney Diseases of Bizkaia).
  • ARGIA (Ostomates Association of Bizkaia).
  • ASEBI (Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Bizkaia Elkartea).
  • ASPANOVAS (Association of Parents with Children with Cancer of Bizkaia).
  •  AUXILIA (Association for the Integration of Persons with Physical Disabilities).
  • A.V.A.H (Hereditary Ataxia Association of Bizkaia).
  • BENE (Neuromuscular Disease Association of Bizkaia).
  • BIDARI (Ermua Association of persons with physical disabilities).
  • BIZKEL (Bizkaia Spinal Cord Injury Association).
  • CODISFIBA (Barakaldo Collective of Persons with Physical Disabilities).
  • FRATER (Christian Brotherhood of the Sick and the Disabled).
  • LEVAR (Bizkaia League of Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers).
  • EFELA (Arratia Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities).


On 11 July, FEKOOR held its Ordinary General Meeting with representatives from the associations that are members of the organisation. The agenda covered replacements for elected positions in the Federation, with the Presidency being taken over by the Neuromuscular Disease Association of Bizkaia (BENE) and the Vice-Presidency by the Association for the Fight against Kidney Diseases of Bizkaia (ALCER).
The FEKOOR Meeting is the federation's highest decision-making body and its presidency is held for a period of one year, rotating between the 20 member associations, with the position going to the vice-president from the previous year.
Marcelino Fernández, representing the Neuromuscular Disease Association of Bizkaia (BENE), holds the Presidency of the Federation, taking over from Roberto Pérez Ahedo, from the Haemophilia Association of Bizkaia (AHEVA).
The Organization's Vice-Presidency is held by Cristina Echevarria, representing ALCER Bizkaia, the Association for the Fight against Kidney Diseases of Bizkaia.
The directorships were confirmed by the Board of Directors, who appoint the people proposed by the associations to exercise their responsibilities.


The FEKOOR management system, designed for excellence and continuous improvement, aims to ensure that the people we assist in the various services, programs and activities express their satisfaction with the service received.


We give conferences and congress and attend external ones and forums as well. We have work committees of accessibility, health, social services, women´s equality, employment... and promote empowerment workshops.
Our forum of representation starts with association networks: Cocemfe State Council, Network of networks. Sareen Sarea... and basque government, bizkaia regional government, town/city councils.
Through the organisations that are members of FEKOOR and the forums where we are represented, we have delivered our proposals and ideas at every level of public politics, participating in various local and regional councils of the public administration and in different working committees with disability organisations from the Third Sector.

Furthermore, we have strengthened our networking with other representative organisations from the Third Sector, participating in the Basque Country's Civic Roundtables, and the one that is held in the Historical Territory of Bizkaia.
We have some programs: Social Work, Legal advice, Psychological Support, and give support to others: ZAINDUZ: Caring for carers, Leisure respite, SAVI personal assistance, employment and training, Inclusive leisure, Sancho Azpeitia Social and Cultural Centre, sport...

Besides, we give loans and technical aids, and assist in ARBOLARTE: our Regional Service Centre for the integration and training of persons with physical disabilities.
Recently, Etxegoki, our assisted living apartment service for permanent or temporary residents have being internationally awarded with the Design For All Foundation award.
The management model of the Etxegoki assisted apartments is based on encouraging independent lifestyles through the development of a system based on personalised support and environments that promote community participation, to enable the residents to obtain a higher degree of control over how they manage their own lives, through individual support plans.
During 2104, Etxegoki added new products, services and processes: Resident participation group: Innovation based on the "participatory design" concept for persons with functional diversity, both from the start of the project and for its smooth daily running.

Voice control of comfort and safety elements in the apartment: Voice control allows persons with high dependency to improve their personal autonomy and quality of life by controlling elements such as curtains, lighting, beds, televisions and alarm systems.

FEKOOR. Blas de Otero, 63 bajo 48014 Bilbao(Bizkaia)/Tlf:94 405 36 66 / Fax:94 405 36 69